About us

Eyre Native Seeds was first conceived by owner Merrick Savage in 1989. An enthusiastic surfer, with a passionate love for the environment- born in Adelaide, Glenelg.   He began travelling Australia, in search of experiencing South Australia’s best and unknown surf spots in the early seventies. He still hasn’t got past the West Coast surf breaks, so is technically still travelling. While here he realised the unique, long lived and fragile vegetation that exists on South Australia’s’ coast lines, some even having bonsai appearance.

After revisiting many of the more visited surf spots and travelling around Eyre Peninsula over years, it became obvious many areas were being damaged by rabbits, sheep and massive clearing for agriculture and frequent users.

As environmental issues rose he became involved with environmental issues around EP & Far West since mid 1980`s.

He gained considerable knowledge of the region`s biodiversity and mosaic soil types across Eyre Peninsula and related issues such as salinity, erosion, pests and weeds.

Here was bourne the realization that millions of trees! Needed to be put back into the landscape to halt dry-land salinity and soil erosion.