Services and products available

– Indigenous Seedbank – 200+ indigenous species. Supply of seed and provenance seed mixes.

Catalogue – available in hard copy for $3.50ea or online.

Native plant supply – Indigenous plant nursery, currently capable of 100,000 tubestock, cuttings, speedlings       and bare root seedlings. Tubestock seedlings priced at $3.00ea if buying 50 or more, large orders may received further discount.  Tubestock bought individually are $3.50ea.  Experienced advice on species selection, site preparation and planting techniques.


On ground works 

Ripping , including supply of operator, ripper and tractor. 3pl cat. 2

Contour bank construction.  Hodgson, grader type contour plough, very heavy duty. 250 hp required. Supply   plough only. Landowners with implement experience to operate. Surveyor to peg contours.

Direct seeding works   Supply of all equipment and operators. We have two seeding machines available these   being a 3point linkage cat 2 tractor pulled seeder or a 4 x 4 wheel-drive pulled seeder. (See pictures of seeders). Very wide experience around Western SA.


For Direct seeding works

Quoted price includes supply of seed mix, scarified where required, direct seeding equipment and tractor where needed, operator and assistant and four wheel drive vehicle on site.

Does not include Earthworks, fencing, pest and weed control (however we have a qualified pest technician who can do small or large scale spraying if required), further site works, inspections, backup or management works not directly related to the direct seeding works. These areas can be tricky to quote on however not impossible.

Planting service –  teams of experienced, trained planters supplied on request.

Revegetation aids –  EP  outlet for a wide range of tree planting aids, including, hand planters, tree guards, mulch mats, propagation mixes and grow your own kits.



Consulting  services –  Onsite evaluations.  Documented proposals for proposed revegetation and vegetation management works, native vegetation clearance application, vegetation surveys and related works.

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