Fire Proof Plants

Have you ever wondered how you could fire proof you garden just a little more using some indigenous plants? 

 This is possible by planting less oily plants ie  Melaleucas and Eucalyptus contain volatile oils in a fire, avoid planting these on the northern and western borders. Here are some suggestions on what you could plant:-

Allocasurina verticillataDroopying Sheoak’ – this plant has rough hard bark and is slow to catch fire, it drops needles and creates a thick mulch which suppresses weeds and slows a fire.

Myoporum insulare ‘Coast Boobiala’ –  this plant has broad thick fleshy leaves which are juicy and hold moisture, they can catch embers that may be coming from a fire but because of the moisture content tends to hiss and sizzle, thus the embers go out.

Atriplex species‘Saltbush’  Many of the Atriplex species have fleshy leaves that contain salt, leaves drop to the ground forming mulch, that absorbs moisture in the cool night temperatures because of the salt content in the leaves.

Carpobrotus rossii  ‘Pig Face’- This plant is a ground cover and has thick succulent leaves and bright pink flowers.  Plant thickly for blanket cover.